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May 09 2020

Jess Expression References
Jessica is an OC of mine from a fantasy graphic novel I hope to one day make. She is a member of a group of resistance fighters from the story and will eventually become the spearhead of the organization. 

May 08 2020

Jessica Profile References
Jessica is an OC of mine from a fantasy graphic novel I hope to one day make. She is a member of a group of resistance fighters from the story. I used this www.deviantart.com/robynrose/a… as reference for the expressions.
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May 02 2020

Draw Six Fanarts
Naruto edition because I just finished rewatching Naruto so it's the only thing that exists right now :P These are some of my favorite characters from the show.

April 25 2020

Gai Sensei
My main man. Absolute chad. I was sketching out characters for that six fanarts challenge but I got to into drawing Gai that I wanted to share him now :P Hopefully have the other 5 done in a day or so.  

April 21 2020

Jessica and Damian OC's
These are some OC's from a graphic novel that I'd like to make one day once my skills are good enough. Jessica on the left and Damian on the right; the novel is going to be about an authoritarian society with a little magic thrown in. Both Jessica and Damian are apart of a resistance group; Jessica is a good shot and Damian is an untrained mage. 

Also, I hate drawing shoes, their the absolute worst. 

April 12 2020

Jeffery OC
Jeffery is an OC from a graphic novel I've been planning. He's a mage that was turned into a fiend.
Damian is an OC from a graphic novel I've been planning out. Not to be cliche but the novel is a totalitarian dystonia meets a light magic world; Damian is a mage within this world who unwittingly joins a freedom group. 

May 24 2019

Jess OC
OC from a story idea that I've been playing around with

May 23 2019

A Call to Censorship...

May 13 2019

A Distasteful Doxing: The Shameful Double Standard

May 06 2019

MasterCard's Masters: How Radical Activists Force

March 26 2019

Qunari Inquisitor
These are my Qunari Inquisitors! The lady on the left is named Nina and the man on the right is called Quinton, they are both mages. 

March 22 2019

Fathers are Important too
I wrote this for the Liberalist International Association.
For more articles like this one check out the Ember , we accept the majority of all articles submitted!
Here's the LIA discord if ya ever wanna talk/debate: discord.gg/9fUxgaZ
Here's the DA: www.deviantart.com/the-lia

March 19 2019

Not Traitors
This piece was inspired because I use tumblr too much and if I see one more post from a racial identitarian (be them a black or white supremacist) talking about how interracial couples are 'wrong,' 'gross,' and 'race traitors' I think I'm gonna scream. I made this piece for the "Power of I" campaign that the Liberalist International Association (the non-profit I volunteer with) is putting on. 

Here's their website liberalistia.com/
Here's the DA: www.deviantart.com/the-lia
Here's the discord: discord.gg/9fUxgaZ
I am a Liberalist

March 18 2019

Qunari Wip
My male and female inquisitor.

March 11 2019

Pretty WIP

March 07 2019

Hands WIP
Everything works except for the thumbs.

March 06 2019

Europe for Freedom
Entitled 'Europe for Freedom,' this piece is based off Jose Bribiesca WW2, anti-Nazi, propaganda poster "Mexico por la libertad." The EU is an over-bloated bureaucracy that grievously transgresses the liberal ideals the west was founded upon. It holds Europe's working class in utter contempt as well as for the sovereignty of each member nation. Be it major reform or even abolition there are major concerns with the EU's current course that need to be addressed. I drew this for the Liberalist International Association liberalistia.com/ , an educational non-profit I work with. 
The bird above is a peregrine falcon.
Europe for Freedom WIP
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