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valid reasons to hate tumblr: very intense hivemind, huge amount of literal nazis/pedophiles, less than adequate blocking system, 0 support from staff, nobody fact checks anything, etc

NOT a valid reason to hate tumblr: some 14 year old using xe/xir pronouns

“tumblr is a hellscape”

“-because [complaint about amount of queer people on the site]”

It’s a perfectly valid reason to hate tumblr. Why do you think kids are using fake pronouns and sexualities to begin with? Because this hellsite is filled with people who would rather shame people for being Straight/Cis than try to get along. There’s post upon posts of people calling for the deaths of straight or cis people. I can go into the “dowm with cis” tag right now and find them. And theyre deemed perfectly okay by not only other people, but also fucking tumblr staff. This site has such a hate boner for straight/cis people and kids RECOGNIZE IT. So to be “cool” they adopt fake genders and sexualties, which makes REAL LGBT people look like a joke.

14 year olds using neopronouns is one of the saddest things ever. So yeah I hate Tumblr for convincing impressionable teens that if they’re not LGBT in some way or another, their opinions don’t count. Because that pushes these children to take on these gender identities that don’t really mean anything and bring a lot of pain onto themselves (if they are actually trans they don’t need Tumblr to find out about it).

I hate this website for having so many 13-14 year olds so deep down in the bullshit that they send people who disagree with them death threats, and use ‘I’m a minor’ as a defense when that shit backfires.

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