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“We need more women in (insert!)”

“More women need to (insert!)”

“Too many women are in (insert!)”

But did y'all stop to ask what the women wanted? What if they like what they’re in? What if they don’t like what they’re not in? What if they don’t want to do that thing?

Let women choose what they want to fuckin do

As a woman in childcare I get really f'in angry when feminists say shit like “there aren’t enough women in STEM” and “women should not be reduced to jobs that are only a step above 1950’s housewives.”

Except I enjoy working with children. I don’t want to go into engineering. I don’t want to be a doctor.

N O M E A N S N O.

I hear you, but there’s no girls in my entire STEM based Associate’s program. Out of the ~50 person cohort, 100% are dudes.

I refuse to believe that the extraordinary split exhibited there has much to do with women’s interest. I believe that a lack of education and opportunities about the topic of my degree, all focused mostly on men, has decreased female engagement in my program.

“I *refuse* to believe [a possibility]. I believe [presupposed conclusion]” let me ask a question, is it a competitive environment? Is it important to be the one with the best and most comprehensive information? Does it require a lot of peer review? Criticism of biases and eachother’s work? Because as I understand science, that’s fundamentally how it functions properly - House represents this fairy well, and why. Is the environment like that at all?

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