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Woman records herself raping 5-month-old niece with selfie stick before selling the video for money



Police said that 29-year-old Felicia Amber Sullivan asked a male friend to help her fix her computer. While doing so, the man found the video of the baby being raped by Sullivan.

The man notified police and Sullivan was arrested.

According to police, the video shows Sullivan, who is a married mother of several children, raping the 5-month-old girl with a selfie stick.

She then emailed the video to her ex-boyfriend in exchange for money.

Sullivan was charged with rape and pandering sexually oriented matter involving a minor. If convicted, Sullivan faces life in prison. The man was also arrested for his role in the child porn.

Christopher Peters is the father of the victim’s older sister. He is now seeking full custody of his 3-year-old daughter as he believes she was also sexually abused by Sullivan.

Sullivan’s husband said that he is sure that his own children were not raped as he is “around them 24/7.”



Fucking disgusting.

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