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Sickening video shows teen parents covering a crying baby's face with a plastic bag as it struggles to breathe before WATERBOARDING the infant and boasting about the abuse online



Teenage parents have uploaded sickening videos appearing to show them inflicting horrific abuse on their baby as he cries.

The footage, uploaded to Snapchat, shows a young child crying as he tries to remove a plastic bag over his head while people laugh in the background.

Police have attended a Melbourne house and a teenage girl is speaking to police in relation to the social media posts. 

Police attended a Preston address and say they found the child ‘safe and well’, after concerns were raised for the his welfare following the uploads.  

In one of the videos, the crying baby tries to pull the paper bag off his head - but the person holding him forces it back on.

The person taking the video can be heard saying: ‘We’re not child abusers, we’re just teaching them discipline. Making sure that they’re not dead, but then can’t breathe.

One Snapchat caption, while the baby is lying in what looks like bath as water is tipped on its face, reads: ‘he is dying tonight for sure’ and on another while he cries: ‘I can’t believe he is steal (sic) alive’.

The pair defend their behaviour in another video, obscuring their faces with emoji icons.

'That’s my child, that’s our child, yeah.

'That’s my husband and that’s our child. And you’re not gonna teach us how to treat our child okay,’ the girl says. 

The boy then adds: 'If I wanna slap my child, I’ll slap him as much as I want’.  

Victoria Police told Daily Mail Australia that it’s now a matter for the DHS. 

The DHS said: 'The Department of Health and Human Services is unable to comment on individual matters. 

'The Department works with Victoria Police and a host of agencies to ensure the welfare of children at risk.' 

No charges have been laid.

No charges?????????????????

Video is in the article and won’t link, but it gives me a clue why not.

Are you fucking kidding me

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