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Why is the concept of tomboy becoming synonymous with trans? Like don’t get me wrong, there can be and there are tomboys in the LGBT+ community, but being tomboy doesn’t automatically make you part of it. All tomboy means is that you’re a girl who likes things usually associated with guys.

This concerns me because we’re starting to see people go “THEY MUST BE TRANS” if a girl likes anything that’s traditionally associated with boys. I feel like that’s really damaging because it actually REINFORCES gender roles, which is, ironically, what most of these people want to do away with. It sends the message that a girl can’t like guy things while still being seen as a girl. It forces people to be put into neat little boxes. Your gender is not defined by your interests, people.

 ***All of this in reverse, as well. If a guy likes anything girly, some people are quick to call him trans***

Remember: breaking out of stereotypes does not make you trans. GENDER DYSPHORIA MAKES YOU TRANS. 

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