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it’s weird to me when people, usually straight people, are liiike, “wait you can ship straight characters with members of the same sex, but i can’t ship lesbian/gay characters with members of the opposite sex??? that’s not equality.”





like, you motherfucker.

we have so few canon LGBT characters. 

if the character is BISEXUAL, that’s different. 

but for fuck’s sake, if a character is a LESBIAN, don’t SHIP her with a man. 

or if you must, keep it away from people who are LGBT or just don’t like it because the LGBT community really doesn’t get much when it comes to representation. 

and GOD.

what is it with straight people, white people, anyone who’s higher on the social hierarchy always acting like everything is ALREADY EQUAL?

“If I said that about women, if I said that about black people-”

First off, if you said that, you’d just be saying the norm. 

if you said you hate women, lol, join the club. 

if you said you hate black people, you’re just a racist. you’ve got a nice array of white supremacy groups to join, write your application. 

but when a woman says she hates men, or black people say they hate white people, i mean SO WHAT?

when someone without power mocks those in power, it is their ONLY form of power. 

i honestly hate the reverse argument because it really implies that white people and black people stand on the same foot, economically, politically, and socially. because if it’s “unfair,” for one race to say anything bad about another race, then it implies both races are equal, because neither can say anything bad about the other.

but that’s untrue, because white people are allowed to be assholes to other races. and have been, for a long time. 

look who we have for a president, it’s clearly fine. 

so shut up.

just shut your damn trap, enjoy your straight white privilege, and let everyone else grumble. 

and uh, i’ve gotten off topic.

don’t ship confirmed lesbians or gays with men or women respectively. 

i mean bisexual, pansexual, whatever, you know what the words mean. 

but if someone’s exclusively lesbian like say TRACER, ugh. 

don’t do it, it’s just distasteful.

Blizzard has the balls to make a character gay and you ruin that with your dirty straight hands when you have SO MUCH OTHER MATERIAL TO WANK OFF TO?

For christ’s sake. 

i know the overwatch fandom is reallllly bad when it comes to shipping, but you’ve got ONE canon sexuality. respect that sexuality. 

or don’t, but keep your dirty ass away from me and anyone else who’s not a total prick. 

what the fuck

Anyway, ship whoever you want because it literally doesn’t matter and you’re all fucking nerds.

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